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Starting January 1, 2019,  AllWays Health Partners will be administering health benefits for more than 100,000 Partners HealthCare employees and their covered dependents.  

We've made useful tools available to support you and your practice through our transition.  To help you get started, please download the Partners Provider FAQ:

 Partners ASO - FAQ

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Out-of-Network? Continuity of Care Information


Continuity of Care -  Patient Request Form

AllWays Health Partners members and covered dependents who were previously receiving ongoing care for an unstable, unusual, or serious medical condition from a previously in-network provider who is not part of the AllWays Health Partners Network, may be eligible for the Continuity of Care program. If you are already in the network, no actions are required. 

For Partners Health Care Employees – Please direct your patients to call the AllWays Health Partners Customer service team to fill out a Continuity of Care Form. If the Continuity of Care request is approved, you or your covered dependent(s) may continue to receive care from an out-of-network provider for up to six months and have benefits paid at the in-network rate.

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We know that the health of your patients is important to you, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smoothDR-1 transition for all members that switch to AllWays Health Partners.

  • To avoid any disruption to the care of your patients, we invite you to join the AllWays Health Partners network today

To expedite the process for joining the AllWays Health Network, please fill out the form to begin the contracting process.  

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