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Questions about joining the Network?  Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Visit the Behavioral Health FAQ for more information.  Please continue to visit this page as we are constantly updating the Provider community with new information.

Behavioral Health - FAQ 


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On behalf of everyone at AllWays Health Partners and Optum, Welcome. 

Our mission is to make healthcare better for everyone. For providers, this means simplifying your business transaction by offering effective and efficient tools to support your care delivery and your business operations.

So with simplification and helpful tools in mind, Optum welcomes you to join the Behavioral Health Network.  Click here to started.

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For those of you with immediate questions related to the Behavioral Health Network, please download the Frequently Asked Questions here:

Behavioral Health - FAQ

The "Partners carve-out" for Behavioral Health Providers

As of January 1, 2019, AllWays Health Partners has selected Optum as our Behavioral Health administrator for all lines of business, including more than 100,000 Partners employees and their covered dependents. 

If you are caring for any Partners Healthcare employees and dependents today, you have the ability to join the "Partners-only" within the Behavioral Health Network. (letter from Gregg Meyer MD, Chief Clinical Officer)

Letter from Gregg Meyer

The "Partners-only" carve-out within the Behavioral Health Network offers these benefits for treating Partners employees and dependents:

  • Partners Employee Health Plan is reimbursing providers at rates consistent with Partners Employees Health Plan in 2018 (Request updated Fee Schedule)
  • Clinical and utilization management policies are determined by Partners Healthcare
  • Choose whether you want to see only Partners employees and dependents or participate in the broader payer network.

Fee Schedule

if you are interested in joining the Behavioral Health Network and not an existing Optum provider, please click below and complete the provider information form below. 

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Behavioral Health Network Webinar - "Partners carve-out" details

We understand that many of you were unable to attend the Behavioral Health Webinar due to scheduling conflicts. We've recorded the event as an additional opportunity to find out more about the "Partners carve-out".Parters_Logo

This Webinar discusses information specific to the "Partners carve-out" within the Behavioral Health Network:

  • Rate schedules
  • Network options
  • Our approach to authorizations

If you have any further questions, please contact an AllWays Health Provider Specialist

Provider Specialist

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