Providers, payers, and employers all face the challenges presented by four different generations working together. 

Today's diverse workforce includes Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/Millennials, and Generation Z. Each group has different health care needs based on both their age and their generational culture. Delivering on these needs can be challenging for health benefit decision makers.

For example, Millenials and Gen Z tend to be more cost conscious, and they're looking for the same experience they get with big online retailers (yup, we're talking about Amazon). They also want easy access to care, so their ideal plan would provide options for urgent care and telemedicine. 

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In order to provide coverage — and care that fits each generation, it's important to know what drives them. And their drivers are sometimes surprising. We learned that the Boomers aren't necessarily averse to technology, they're just using it differently. 

Our new whitepaper, Maximizing your health benefit plans for a multi-generational workforce, helps employers find a plan that will meet the needs of all four generations without putting too much strain on the bottom line. 

But the whitepaper also provides helpful insights for providers who want to understand what motivates patients of any age and how their motivations are influencing the next generation of health plans. 

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