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Last week, we shared news about one of our new benefits for 2020: many plans will offer $0 copays for the first three pediatric sick visits with an in-network provider. You may have been aware of this benefit already because it's featured in our new advertising campaign. 

Ads unlike any you've seen before

Rainbow unicorns in health insurance ads? Get used to a health plan that does things differently.

Our fall campaign revolves around a bold new theme, "Get un-used to it." The campaign takes an unflinching look at the trials and tribulations of dealing with health insurance companies including high copays and inflexible benefits. The campaign is directed at members and employers, but we think the messaging will resonate with providers, too. 

From radio, billboards, and TV to digital and social media ads, we're taking a multi-channel approach to connect with audiences at different points of their day-to-day lives. The playful creative demands attention and draws viewers in. But it's not all about the creativity. The ads speak to real issues that frustrate members and employers. We spent a lot of time listening to our customers to develop the campaign — and the products it showcases.  

In addition to the pediatric benefit we announced last week, the ads also feature our performance guarantees, Care Complement benefits, and Partners HealthCare On Demand. Read about these products and more on our innovations page

Check out the ads below and as you're driving, watching TV, or riding the T. Used to bland ads from health insurance companies? Get un-used to it. 

TV ads




Digital ads
FA19 OOH Blood Pressure

FA19 OOH Bending Over Backwards

T station ads

MBTA Station Domination 



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